It has been a bit since we've shared what's going on in the Settle world so here it goes...

You may notice that our website is a bit different. We received notification that our previous web hosting service had been purchased by another company and was shutting down it's doors. So - this is the new website, for the time being. We hope you like it!

We have moved back in with my sister, who most graciously invited us to spend our last few months here in her home. Thus, just this past week, we finished doing a huge sifting of all our things. We will only be storing 5 totes here in the states while we go and are trying to limit what we are bringing with us. We will be able  to get many things for setting up our home in Okinawa when we arrive, which looks very different than our getting ready to leave for Africa.


Sifting, tossing, donating, selling, sorting, packing. Another part of the life!

Sifting, tossing, donating, selling, sorting, packing. Another part of the life!


And the biggest news...we received our financial clearance!

WE ARE AT 100% !!

We have been remiss in not getting this update to you sooner but we have been so busy getting ready to move (again, I think that makes 4 times in this past year?). Anyways, we are so excited to finally share this news with ya'll!

Thank you so much to all of you who are partnering with us and who are laboring in prayer with us and for us. We are incredibly grateful.




We began the process of applying for our visas in November, and the first part of it was submitted the first week of December. This process can take 4-8 weeks...we are praying that it is closer to the 4 week mark than 8 weeks.

After that we will be able to buy our tickets and pack our bags :)

A member of the Neighborhood team (our church in Okinawa) was wonderful enough to email us a video walk-through of our house (THANK YOU!) excited to see where we will be living! And now we have a better idea of what we need to pack/bring with us.


Our future home for the foreseeable future.

Our future home for the foreseeable future.

For now, we are happy to be able to spend this Christmas season with our family and friends!

And we want to wish all of you a very wonderful and