6 Month Update!

6 Month Update!

Getting "Settled" - 6 month update!


6 months?!

The time has flown by! Here are some highlights:

• We completed a 2-month Intensive Japanese Course

• Melissa has taken over office administration

• Jeremy has been focusing on outreach development

• Phin is going to Japanese Kindergarten!

• We'll be meeting our colleagues from the rest of Japan next week, at an AGWM Retreat. Exciting!



Over two months of preparation went into our 5-Day Vacation Bible School.

The event was completely bi-lingual, in Japanese and English!

It was fantastic, averaging over 150 kids and 65 volunteers.

We saw many young lives commit to follow Jesus!

We know God will water and grow other seeds which were planted.


Non-Profit Org (NPO)?

One of our main goals was to look into starting a new outreach as an extension of the church here. We've met with many city officials, pastors, etc, and have learned of the many needs here. We are now considering the best path to move forward. Would you join us in praying for God's provision and leading?


"Want to go far? Go Together"

On the field, language learning is synonymous with longevity and fruitfulness. Yet, it is a massive undertaking, and so we will take this journey as a family. The only way to fail is to quit, and so we push on, together.

Jeremy leading a volunteer meeting in preparation for Mega Sports Camp

Jeremy leading a volunteer meeting in preparation for Mega Sports Camp

A Season of Growth

A question has been often arising in my prayers, lately.

"God, what is going on?!"

We know God has called us to reach the unreached—yet it's clear this is necessary season of growth. I want to press forward and get to the work, but it seems like God continually calls me back to prepare and continue working on myself (Jeremy). This is my struggle: I know that I’m doing what God I'm supposed to be right now, but I'm impatient to be doing more!

The other day I saw a quote, "God is always more interested in growing you than your ministry". How frustrating! Yet it rings true when I consider how God is moving in me.

The Spirit constantly reminds us: walk humbly, learn from leaders, be faithful, be patient, persevere. We know that God is at work in us, and we cling to faith and hope that fruit will come in time as we continue to persevere (Gal 6:9).

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