hidden whispers of seeking hearts

hidden whispers of seeking hearts

my head rings

the voices of those I love

echo in my mind

those who are lost

and hurting

who follow a path their family believes

but who don't have personal buy-in...not really

they go through the motions

of what is culturally acceptable

and required

but they have questions

they want something real



they want the truth

but what questions to ask

and who to ask them to

to be branded a fool

for questioning the status quo

the risk outweighs the reward

if even asking the questions

is asking to be cut off

cut off from family...their only lifeline

from friends

from community

to avoid the shame

they hold their doubts inside

they don't ask for the answers to questions that gnaw at them

they follow the rules

and don't make waves

but in the midst of the rituals and prayers

in their heart they know

there must be more to it than this

this can't be all there is

the value of self is diminished in the community of family honor

and to separate from the communal mind

is to be alone

they can't be both

part of their family and yet believing something different

how to survive this way is such a huge unknown

so most believe there is no way out

they learn to keep their head down

and follow along

and they end up following the blind into death and destruction

they have no hope

they cry out in their heart

for a lifetime

oh Lord give them courage

every one who believes the questions burning in their soul are real

who need answers

those who know they need You

but they don't even know who You are

Jesus You can do what no man can

You can answer the unspoken yearnings in their hearts

You can open their eyes to see the truth


You who longs for none to perish but to find You

become known to them

You who knows the hearts of every man...woman...child

You who values each person in the history...present...and future...of the earth

reveal Yourself to those who seek You

even if they seek in silence

even when they seek with questions that have no words

even when they seek in tears of need and longing

reveal Your love...Your truth...Your salvation...Your forgiveness...Your grace

You are the answer to their unspoken questions

to the yearning in their souls

speak to them in words only You have

hold them in Your arms

close to your heart

and lavish them in Your revelation