Who are you?

Who are you?

Today, I was asked who I was. The question took me by surprise… it resonated within me, because I’ve been asking myself that question for a long time.

As these things tend to go with me, my mind began churning thoughts up on my drive home tonight. The following is what came out. It’s raw, short, simple, but I feel each sentence deeply and profoundly. These are not the things which I often verbalize, but they are the reasons behind what I do, behind what drives me. Perhaps it will be refined and boiled down in the future, but this is who I am.

Who are we? What does our heart beat for? What are we passionate about? Where will we stand and fight? What has God planted in our hearts? What is our drum to beat? Our standard to bear? What will we fight for, when others won’t?

Out of the box

– A refusal to bow to tradition for tradition’s sake. A desire to dispense with outmoded culture and customs, with Christianese language which erects barriers rather than speaking the words of Life in the languages which people are able to understand them. A willingness to rock the boat, if that is what is right. A desire to rock the boat to shake people, if necessary.

Honoring authority

– Willingness to follow imperfect leaders, to love them, esteem them, respect them, do our best to serve them and to abide within the boundaries and expectations placed upon us, to pray for them that God will be gracious with them and give them wisdom to lead well. A willingness to go speak in private words of disagreement and advocacy for others, even when it is uncomfortable and difficult. To express love in the best ways that we know how.

Advocate for the marginalized

– for the addicted and enslaved, the outcast, the shamed. Speaking the life and value that God sees into broken hearts. We LOVE people, and esteem them regardless of their circumstances. Choices have real consequences, but God isn’t limited to seeing things as they are – but he instead sees what can and will be.

Love covers a multitude of sins

– loving without enabling, grace empowering change without sacrificing accountability, relationships which are not broken by disagreement, loyalty which endures

Going “outside the camp”, truly being in the world but not of the world – stepping outside of religion and the sanctity of our echo chambers and instead going in and among the lost and unsaved

Do you want to reach the lost and the unreached? Join with us.

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