The Best Sort of Way

The Best Sort of Way

It’s been an action packed week. Not only in the “every-second-has-a-label” sense, but also in the “God-is-performing-surgery-on-my-heart” sense.

We are at Pre-Field Orientation.

What is that? Well… it is a lot of things!

First of all, it is us learning just who it is that we have agreed to serve with and under. What sort of organization is AGWM? We know it is a BIG organization. We know that we’ve had our bumps and bruises as we’ve adjusted.

But what values do they hold?

Are the leaders servants?

Do they LOVE?

Do they care about us?

I’m humbled at the incredibly positive answers to each of those questions. I’ve been overwhelmed at the experience and care of those who we are serving under. The ways that they’ve made themselves available to us.

Secondly, it has been a challenging time of heart reflection. I’ve been so ashamed as God has used this time to confront heart-attitudes that I only recently recognized had taken residence within me. Times like these disabuse me of any notion of holiness that I think I may have achieved, as God lovingly confronts me, and gently restores me. He calls me once more to quit being a “naval-gazer” (as a friend put it yesterday), and instead to LOVE HIM and to LOVE OTHERS.

It is good to be back.

Finally, it has been a privileged time of meeting others who have answered the call as we have, and who are giving their lives to take the GOOD NEWS into the furthest reaches of the earth, and those who would never hear otherwise may find hope.

Perhaps I’m biased, but they’re some of my favorite people (next to all of you).

And so, as I sit here at the end of this week, I’m sad as I look at the schedule and realize that the time is more than half-way over already. We are drained and exhausted… but in the best sort of way.