Seasons Change

Seasons Change

I love looking back at my life, and seeing the different seasons that God has taken me through. “Life is process” my mentor once told me, and looking back it is so true.

What is process? I think it’s about the journey that we are on, every day. If you haven’t arrived, you’re in process! God is working in your life, pruning, watering, shaping, refining… for your good! For mine as well.

I remember what this looked like when I was younger, taking first steps in choosing to follow God again. I was in a season where I was very much still in bondage to sin. God lovingly allowed me to go through seasons of brokenness and pain as a result of my choices, and faithfully showed himself as a gracious healer, calling me to give over my chains, the broken pieces of my heart, so that he could bring healing and replace brokenness and bondage with joy and freedom.

I thought that was a tough season… and for my stage of growth, it was very tough! But, the hardest season came while I was in Africa. In Africa, there were more situations and factors causing stress than I can possibly relate. I believe God took me through this season to show that I MUST rely on him for provision, for peace, for purpose, for personal growth and progress, and for fruit that lasts. I could not produce it of myself… I had to come to a point where faith was more than an idea, but rather where it was a conviction. Where it was reality.

Have you been through a similar season? What are you going through right now?

For me, this is a season of growth, of putting down roots. Recently, I was reading a book called, “Rooted”, by Banning Liebscher. In the book, he says,

“Significantly, in order for a plant to survive, much less bear fruit, its root system has to take up more space underground than the plant takes up above ground. When you look up at one of those immense redwoods in the Avenue of the Giants, for example, you’re actually standing on root systems that are wider than those trees are tall. This is the principle of foundations. A foundation always has to be bigger than the thing it is supporting”

“Redwoods or radishes?” A phrase my mom painted on our entry way growing up. What legacy will I leave behind? Radishes are here and gone, not much effort or time. Redwoods, on the other hand…

The idea of lasting legacy – of making an impact in this life that MATTERS and is LASTING – is incredibly exciting! SIGN ME UP! Yet, there’s a lot growing, watering, and creating foundation that must happen first. And that can be difficult. I get impatient. I want to see fruit now!

How we respond in the midst of difficult seasons depends on how we think of God. When you’re in the middle of a tough season, how do you respond?

While thinking about this today, a song came on and the lyrics stuck in my heart. Take a moment and listen?

“Though the seasons change

Your love remains

Your love remains

Lord you’ve been faithful to plant the seeds

And you will be faithful to always send your rain

Lord you’ve been faithful to plant the seeds

And you will be faithful to always send your rain”

Seasons change — but the love of God for you in EVERY season never waivers. Do you believe that? Does your life reflect it?

God may seem distant, but he loves you. He will never leave you, or forsake you. He has plans for your life, and will carry them through to completion. I believe God’s plans are to build a foundation of peace and joy in our lives, so that we can move forward in relationship with Him, resting in his love and faithfulness.

And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns. -Philippians 1:6