That little voice

That little voice
Grandpa and Ki for Ki’s birthday at the Children’s Museum

Our calendar has been slowly, but consistently filling up, as we meet with friends to tell them about the great things that God has done, and is doing in our lives! It may seem strange, but it is a HUGE encouragementto finally see it happening.

Let me explain:

You see, when were coming back to the States last year, we had wonderful (yet perhaps lofty) goals.

9 months“, we thought, and then we’ll be shipping back out! “Do a quick organizational transition, raise support, then we’ll be off again to Japan!

Of course, it didn’t happen that way. We discovered we were pregnant with little Riah (a beautiful surprise!). Then we learned about a mandatory training we would need to attend in June of 2017.

So, we’ll be delayed leaving until July, then” I thought.

Oh well, at least we’ll have plenty of time to seek out more partners and raise our support budget!

Of course, transitioning from one organization to the next took far longer than anticipated. Life crushed us with busy-ness. Little Azariah was born early and spent 2 weeks in the NIC-U, Christmas, finalizing the budget details, etc…

And suddenly, here we are, in mid-February, just now getting going?! Now, I don’t know about you, but sometimes I am prone to listening to that quiet voice which speaks discouragement and doubt. I get drawn off-track into frustration, questioning every little thing.

Did we miss something? Are we on the right track?

In times like this, I am so incredibly grateful for the voices of wisdom in my life that God uses to speak to me. Voices like my wife, my parents, my mentors… So, just yesterday, I was feeling down, and so I decided to listen to a sermon. As soon as I turned it on, it felt like the pastor was speaking right to me!

While talking about the Exodus journey of the Israelites from Egypt to the promise land, he said that over and over you see a few fundamental truths:

  1. God has a plan!
  2. It is a GOOD plan, BUT
  3. it will RARELY play out like we think it should.

God showed the Israelites that he was faithful, over and over! Yet, they still doubted him. And, thinking about it, I realize that I am the very same. I realized that my control-freak tendencies had drawn me off-track once more. Unable to control the trajectory of my life, I suddenly begin to doubt God’s provision and guidance in my life – IN SPITE of the fact that he’s shown himself faithful OVER and OVER!

I am so grateful that God is so incredibly patient with me, and also for the many many people who are there walking beside us in this journey. For now, our part is to be faithful, seeking out those who will partner with us in take the gospel to the unreached – those who have no way to ever hear the Good News of Jesus that saved me and transformed my life, and can do the same for theirs.

Will you join with us?

Learn how to partner with us HERE.

Phin and momma for Ki’s birthday celebration 🙂