Getting back into gear

Getting back into gear

Happy New Year to you!

We pray that it came in with love, and will continue with blessing!

We have received our budget, at last! It is just now being adjusted to allow for language learning. When it is finalized we will be able to share it with you. 🙂 At long last, we are once more beginning the search for partners and are hoping to start contacting people this month.

We have been having great conversations with our mentors in Japan, getting to know them, and sharing with each other our heart and vision for our first term over in Okinawa. We are so excited! The more we pray about, talk with them and each other, the more excited we are. This door that GOD opened for us answered a desire Jeremy had, but didn’t think would ever happen…to go back to Okinawa, Japan! Having lived there for 2 years while in the military, he came to love the island, and the people. We are overjoyed that GOD has made a way for this for our family.

Ki just turned 2 years old! Where does the time go?! He’s getting so big, his words becoming more understandable, but he still loves to cuddle. Phin is still loving school, knows most of her letters, and is super creative. Finally, baby Riah is doing great. She is sleeping 6-7 hours at night, is growing like a weed, and has just started smiling 🙂

Shout out to Aaron Ott Photography for these amazing photos! Thank you so much.

Jeremy transitioned into a different position at his job, and it is keeping him extremely busy, but he loves it. He always comes home with stories of how he was able to speak into someone’s situation, or share an aspect of Jesus that was new to someone. I have been keeping busy with all 3 kiddos at home. The transition from 2 kids to 3 is much more difficult than the transition from 1 kid to 2, in my opinion…but I love it. I love being able to be home with them, and I can’t believe that Phin will start kindergarten this fall! We are praying that we will be in Japan when that time has come, however we trust GOD’s timing.


  • Please pray for us as we earnestly begin developing partnerships once more!
  • Also, if you could please send us your updated contact information(phone number, email, and mailing address!) we would really appreciate it, as we are updating our contact/mailing list.
Shout out to Aaron Ott Photography for these amazing photos! Thank you so much.

We so look forward to seeing all of you soon!