We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming…

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming…

Dearest friends and family,

Sorry that this is a little bit late. We’ve been a bit busy this past week! Yet, it has been a good busy (although not without tremendous stress, anxiety, fear, etc).

Our newest little one was born on November 16th, at 9:37 am. She weighed 7 lbs 2 oz, and was 19″ long.

Her name is Azariah Wilder Settle. 🙂

Azariah was born at about 37 weeks old. After the birth, the doctors noticed that her breathing was very fast and a bit labored. After some tests and checking, they ended up putting her in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NIC-U) to diagnose the cause. After an XRay and some tests, it was determined that there was some residual fetal fluid still in her lungs, which is apparently a condition common in newborn babies. After a few days, we also learned that the condition was also likely exacerbated due to her lungs not being fully developed.

Azariah was placed on a CPAP machine (the oxygen tubes in her nose), given an IV for nutrition (It is terrible seeing a newborn stuck with needles!), and sensors were attached to monitor her vital signs.

We have had so many praying for her, and we are so excited to report that after about 5 days, she has been taken off of the oxygen, the IV has been removed, and she is eating very well with momma! She seems to be breathing strongly, maintaining her oxygen, and without laboring to do so.

It has been a difficult week, not being able to hold our daughter almost at all for the first 2-3 days, being away from our other children, seeing our daughter poked with needles, worrying about the logistics of living at the hospital for so long… But God has been good to us in the process.

We are hoping to bring Azariah home by Thanksgiving, but are so incredibly thankful to God for her speedy recovery, the tremendous support shown to us by SO MANY friends and family, and for the beautiful gift of a delightful child that God has given to us.