Last Blog from Africa! + PHOTOS!

Last Blog from Africa! + PHOTOS!
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 As I prepare to leave my teammates for the last time today, and we all go our separate ways… not knowing when or if we will see another again… I am reminded of the day i left my Leadership Academy Internship family in Colorado Springs. The song we sang for the first time together on our 2nd day, the song we sang throughout our 9 months and for the last time together on our last day, returns to me again 7 years later as I leave my African Team family…

“If I wanted to change the world, I would start by lovin’ you! And if lovin’ was all we knew, ooh baby we could change the world!”

These two experiences have been such challenging, refining, and defining periods of time in my life! Each person from each group has changed my life for the better! And now, like then, I sing this song again… to remind myself of the value of this time, the amazing relationships forged, and this season of fire coming to it’s bittersweet end.

[by Jeremy] We leave to the airport in 30 minutes, for a 40+ hour trip. It’s been an incredible journey, and God has done amazing things in us, in Africa, in our team, and hopefully some of this has touched you through our experiences as well. We are excited to see you all very soon. We are planning to take about a month to get as must rest and recuperation as possible, as we feel as if we have come to the end of a 26 mile marathon. We would love to see all of you as soon as possible and tell you about our life here, as we are able to work that out. 🙂 For those of you who live out West – we are making plans to come out and visit hopefully this fall. We will keep you updated as best as we can, as this is limited by our application process with our new organization.

We love you all, and we want you to know that you are our family and we are here because of you. Thank you 🙂