Our team just returned to our island from visiting the neighboring island. We were able to spend some quality down time with each other, having fun…playing some volleyball, snorkeling on the reef, playing games. We spend an evening together skyping with our (incredibly missed) teammates who are back home for a couple months, and honoring our team leaders with memories and stories and appreciation.

After some prayer on the beach the first night we were there, Jeremy and I went for a walk. The kids were asleep, and it was wonderful to be able to hold hands and walk together on the beach alone. While there, I had a moment with GOD that I wanted to share with you (now bear with me, most of the personal moments I share are in the form of ‘poetry’ because that is how my moments with GOD just are.)


Ice blue waves

Crested in silver reflections of the moon

Gently lapping the milky starlight studded sand

The soft music of the sea

Joins the chorus of the wind

Chiming through the trees

Ocean air and ylang ylang

Swirling together

To deepen the salty sweet aroma

Drifting on the breeze

Filling my mind with longing

The night sky sings endless songs

Of starlight


And moonlight

How to speak of this moment

Present there for a glimpse of eternity

Eons in minutes

All I can think is praise

My mind wanders only to your majesty

Your goodness overwhelms my soul

How great is your love for mankind

That you create such beauty

To display your indescribable glory

For our eyes to behold

I stand in this fleeting moment of forever

In awe


We also were able to spend some good quality time with our teammates who live on that island. We got to experience some amazing things with them…the privilege of watching baby sea turtles hatch and make their way to the big open ocean, waking in the dark of 2 am to go find a mama sea turtle digging her nest, some incredible worship and time in the Word together, great food and games. It was so good to spend time with them.

Our unit leader also shared some vision and direction for the future of the island work. It was encouraging and exciting to hear the vision and see the passion of our unit.

We have 6 months left in our term. November and December we are finishing up the 5th of 6 of our curriculum units. The month of January-mid February we will all be off island as we complete the ‘month out’ portion of training, which is when we go observe workers in other contexts, and really pray about what God has for us after our training team is finished. Finishing up we will be back on our island mid February-mid April, during which we will be preparing to leave and re-enter our home culture…wow, looking at that timeline, these last months are going to just fly by!

We are excited about what GOD will do in these next/last 6 months! He is moving on the islands, it is incredible to see!

Please pray:

  • for the islands! GOD has not forgotten this place, He is here!
  • for our team! We want to finish strong! We want to leave for home assignment better equipped for whatever He has for each of us in the next phase.
  • for GOD’s guidance and wisdom as we begin to think about, wrestle with, and plan what comes next for us after this team finishes in April.