Here and There

Here and There

 It has been so long since we have posted. It’s been a crazy busy time, and here are some of the things that have been going on:

We just completed unit #4 out of 6 of our curriculum for this team. And it was a busy one…among other things, we had a team come out and spend a week praying with us, we had a team of 5 come out and join us for a month to get a taste of what life looks like out in the field, and we ended a paper explaining our philosophy of sharing Truth.

This unit has shown me a big difference in our worldview and the local worldview: ours in the west is highly guilt vs innocence culture, and here is an honor vs shame culture. So different! And learning how we should share Truth in this context has been difficult for me. It’s so different from how I think, but is a great learning experience.

The month of fasting was very challenging and yet very good. We saw how much our language has improved…even mine…as we were able to share more this year, and have some deeper conversations. This past 4 months we have been working on telling stories in the local language. And it was really awesome to see that incorporated into our conversations during the month of fasting.


This session of classes ended right before the month of fasting and the English graduation ceremonies followed after that month. Our team finished up some English curriculum revision, and are really excited about trying it out. Jer will be transitioning from full time English teaching to part time and joining another teammate working on agriculture. Please pray that his transition would go smoothly for both the English teachers and the Agriculture partnership.

Phin just turned 3, and we had a dance party for her birthday! We invited the 2 girls on our team, and a bunch of her neighbor friends – most of who came with parents. It was great time of fun, celebrating our Phin, and getting to relax with some neighbor friends, and show them how we do kids’ birthday parties back home. And we got to incorporate a local event tradition of giving “saches” or bags of soda/juice and goodies, to all the guests. Please pray for her upcoming time in local preschool, that she would have a fun time playing with new friends, and learn a little of the local language. Also, that she wouldn’t be influenced by the local religion.

Ki just turned 7 months old and has started moving…a lot! First, he started with the worm, moved quickly from there to a bear walk, and then a crawl. Now he is pulling himself up on anything he can get his hands on! He loves his baby food that I make, especially sweet potatoes and the local fruit (the little sweet bananas, papaya, even kono kono (which I don’t know the English name for))

I have been struggling with some pretty nasty hay-fever-type allergies since we got back from Kenya in March. They come and go, but on average they knock me out completely for 1-3 random days each week. We haven’t been able to see any emerging pattern, and we have tried many different things to fight them, but without much luck. Please pray that we would figure out what is causing them, and that they would stop.

Finally, we have begun to think about what things might look life for us after this term and our home assignment. We fully believe that we have been called to be workers overseas for a long time, and we have been praying and fasting for God’s specific guidance for the next phase of our life overseas. Please pray with us for God’s guidance and direction as we seek out His will for us.