It’s been 8 weeks since we returned to our island home. 6 weeks since our last update. There has been lots and lots going on. We have returned from our several month long break for Hezekiah’s birth and have found a renewed sense of purpose and vision. I am back teaching English classes, we are reengaging in learning the language and culture, we are continuing to dig deeply each week into the curriculum that we study together as a team… Life is meaty and full. Here are some snapshots of things going on in our lives at the moment:


The daughter of our neighbor – who is also our dear friend and landlady – has returned from hair stylist school in Madagascar. Yet, as you might guess of a 21 year old, returning back to small village life from big-far-away city life has left her very unhappy. This dear family who we are good friends with is going through a very difficult stage, as the daughter is unhappy and engaging in behavior that is questionable and difficult for her mother.

Pray that we can be a light in this situation?


Seraphina has begun to attend a local pre-school and, being the extrovert that she is, absolutely loves it. We have also been grateful for periods of quiet in the home… Yet, one day as I walked into the class a little bit early, I noticed the older kids lined up at the front of the class being made to recite, “Allah is my God” all together, over and over. In America, we worry about our kids picking up bad habits, and being taught values that are not true… but wow. Still processing, I went to a local brother and asked him about this, and what I should do. I made it almost half way through the conversation before realizing that his own child – due to be born soon – would face not only this minor challenge, but so much more (the wife and extended family are not followers and are very against his beliefs). And my heart broke for him, knowing some of the pain and difficulties in store for him.

Would you pray for the families of those here who are following the one true God?

This week we are privileged to be hosting a small group from Canada and the US who are encouraging us and joining us in prayer. Having outside visitors has been wonderful. It reminds me that we are only a part of the body here in this far off place, and that we are indeed an extension of many back home. Today we went and visited a mosque during the prayer time, and spoke to a local imam. My heart was incredibly… heavy… as I watched a group of young boys, no older than 10 all lined up, and only a short distance away an old man, bent over by the years. An entire nation, young and old, praying five times a day, yet without any knowledge of the truth.

Please pray with us?