Our Waiting Place

Our Waiting Place

We are now in Kenya, our waiting place, awaiting the arrival of our little guy. He is due January 19th, but there is no flying after 36 weeks, so here we are! We have only been here a couple days, but the transition has been interesting. The house we are living in for now has 3 German Shepherds (2 adults and 1 4 month old pup) and Phinny loves them but is scared of them and wants to be held when we are outside, and at the same time wants to be outside all the time with them. It will be fun watching her grow accustomed to them since there really aren’t dogs around at home on the island. We also got to see some monkeys in the trees in our yard, and a big tortoise wander across the sidewalk. It is a time of waiting, and trying to stay connected back on the island and with family back at home. We have curriculum to finish and things to get ready for our little guy’s arrival, but other than that we are just waiting.


We are having some mixed emotions being away from our island home. It is nice to be away from the heat and the humidity especially being so pregnant right now. But we already miss our neighbors and friends, and our teammates. We had a very busy couple weeks before we left: Jeremy and the team had all their English class exams and graduation ceremonies, packing, getting the house ready, etc. And there was just not enough time in the day to visit all the people we wanted to see before we left. We made a point to visit our closest friends and neighbors and had a really sweet encounter with one family in particular:

This family has a small store in their house that we get a lot of our staple items at, so we see them frequently, and they have a 3 year old daughter who Phin just loves. We went to visit them a couple times in our last few days, just to talk and because Phin kept asking to go see her friend. It made me melt when Phin would let go of our hands at the end of the road and take off at a sprint to go hug her friend. One night after they played for a while, it was getting dark and we headed home to go get Phin her dinner and then to bed, and this little 3 year old followed us all the way home (not that far, about a 3 minute walk) telling her dad who was following her, that she wanted to go home with Phin! When we all arrived at our house, much to our and her dad’s amusement, she led us right to our front door and then started crying whenever her dad got close because she wanted to stay with Phin. It made me cry, realizing how far our relationship has come with that family, even though at times it still feels shallow, there is true relationship and affection between our families.

Our landlady has been having some health issues. There was one day when Jeremy went to talk to her about some details of our leaving and returning, but that day she was feeling very under the weather. Yet she still asked if we wanted the kids/baby room painted, and told him she already had planned to have the house cleaned before we get back. She takes such good care of us and we feel so blessed by her all the time!

Needless to say, although we get busy and sometimes feel like the only relationships we have are shallow and superficial, as we prepared to leave for a couple months we really did see that we do have meaningful true relationships that are blossoming and growing…maybe growing slowly…but they are not stagnant, and even though we just left, we are excited and looking forward to getting back to our island home.

One of the friends who came to see us off at the airport 🙂