Learning to be at home

Learning to be at home

[by Jeremy] Yesterday was a good day. Not because the English lesson I taught went well, or because I scheduled more language lessons, or because I had good opportunities to practice my language, etc.

No, what set yesterday apart was how muchI enjoyed it. I loved the lively conversation with my local friends about football, and I was so touched by the older man from my class who introduced me to his family and gave me fresh cow’s milk despite it coming from the little that they had, and it was great to see Phin playing with one of the girls her age when we went over to spend time with a wonderful family who we are becoming friends with.

I enjoyed yesterday. I enjoyed the people. I enjoyed the joy and the love that they shared with us. It was wonderful, and special, and it made me feel at home here.



We don’t always treat this place like our home. Sometimes we shut the doors and retreat back to the comforts of our technology and American culture. It’s not that these times are bad… I would even say that they are necessary at times. Yet, I feel a dissonance within me about it… a “not yet-ness”, if you will.

And then days like yesterday happen, and I remember that it is truly possible to love a place and to feel like we fit here.This is an incredible feeling, as an outsider who has come to a completely new culture, learned a completely new language, etc.

I hold on to these times, knowing that our emotions are often like waves in the ocean, here. There are days when I want nothing more than to retreat and curl up in everything that I left behind. And then there are days when I realize that this can be home, if we give it a chance.


I’m learning to love these people, to enjoy them, and to care for them. I’m learning to want to spend time with them. I am learning to be at home, in this place, far away from home.

And maybe most of all, I’m excited to tell them about the One who has changed my life, and sustains me through everything, because He is good. And I want them to know Him.