When Opportunities Come

When Opportunities Come

We have had a very busy couple of weeks. I have been nauseous and exhausted, and so Jeremy, being the amazing man that he is, has done so much to take some things off my plate so I can rest when I need to. He is such a blessing.

Oh, ya, I’m pregnant…Phin is gonna be a big sister come January 2015!

As I was saying, Jeremy is amazing. He has the most incredible heart. He doesn’t wear it on his sleeve like I do, for the world to see, but he loves and feels deeply. He has such a compassionate heart for the people here, and a desire for sharing Truth. Sometimes he gets frustrated because the opportunities to do so come slowly, or seemingly far between, or we just don’t have all the language we need yet for certain conversations.

But the opportunities are there. He gets so excited when he comes home from being in town, and shares the conversations he had, the chance to share his beliefs with a guy at the field, the encouragement he gets from sitting down with a brother and praying, and the relationships that are deepening.

He is an encouragement to me. That while I may not be able to get out much during the day right now, I can still love the people. I can love them with more prayer while I’m resting. I can love them with more language study.

We are coming up on Ramadan, the annual month of fasting. This will be a time when we will have an even more overt opportunity to share our faith, as we will be questioned about whether we are fasting or not…and why, and how we fast differently…and why. We will have the chance to share truth, and in a way that will hopefully make people think.

Please be praying for us and our team as we prepare ourselves spiritually and mentally for this upcoming opportunity.