Coming home

Coming home

Last week, we left for a 5 day break to a neighboring island. We’ve only been here for 4 months now, but they’ve been some of the hardest times in our lives (albeit most rewarding). We were ready for a break.

We swam with this gentle giant! He has about a 10 foot wing span.

In particular, I wanted relief from the local culture, and to go somewhere a little more like home. Our island destination is a far cry from the USA, but with the dominant French influence, it’s noticeably closer than where we live. Aside from the boat trip there and back, it was a wonderful break, and I came back feeling truly rested.


The strangest thing happened when we got back, though. First of all, a close local friend had learned when we were coming back and when the boat would arrive, then waited alone outside the gate in the dark for us, and gave us return gifts of woven flower necklaces. We almost cried… It really touched us that we had such a good friend here.

The next day Melissa and I went down to the market to stock up and it seemed like we couldn’t walk more than 10 yards without someone stopping us and either asking us where we had been, or they asked how our trip to the island had been.


As Melissa and I were sitting with some local friends while they braided her hair, I realized how much I had missed this place and the wonderful people. We truly have come home!

Praise the Lord!