Slow and Steady

Slow and Steady

[by Melissa] Homesick. We miss our family. We miss our friends. We miss the games we would spend hours playing together (Catan, Euchre, Chicken Foot, to name a few). We miss the familiar and easy hangouts. It is not easy for me to spend time and hang out with the local people. In my heart I to want to, not so easy with the follow through of actually doing so.


Relationships – though taking much much time, effort, and thought (language-wise) – are starting to come.

I am learning about myself that I really enjoy cooking, and it has been really fun for me to learn to cook the local food. And the best part is that it opens the door for relationships to form and deepen. A couple of nights ago, a teammate and I got together with a local friend who taught us to prepare a (delicious!) local dish with a root-vegetable that we don’t have back at home. It was so good, and we ended the night together with a game of golf (the card kind not the club swinging kind).

We have another friend who comes over 2x a week to help us keep up with laundry and cleaning, and that relationship is slowly developing into a strong friendship. Last Friday, we taught her how to play the cup game (sorry no pictures or video of that yet) She is such a blessing to us, and I don’t know what we would do without her. This morning she came over, just like every Tuesday morning, but this time she pulled out a package for Phin. She had made Phin an outfit which the local women and girls wear to special events (I haven’t had one made for me yet). It was so incredibly thoughtful that I almost started crying on the spot.

Language learning is slow at times, but the relationships are coming. And we need them. We need friendships with the local people to fill that void while we are here. And that doesn’t mean that we forget our friends back home. Quite the opposite, actually. It is making me appreciate my friendships back home, and miss them all the more. But it is also making me realize that I truly do need friends here as well. And God is providing for that need, as He does for all our needs. Relationships take time, and there is comfort in knowing that it does take time, and that it doesn’t all have to happen in 1 day or even 6 months.