Let It Rain

Let It Rain

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years have all come and gone since we arrived here, we are well into January 2014.

There is no cold and no snow, but LOTS of rain as we are coming into the rainy season…much of our roof is tin and so when it rains I listen to the tink tink tink of the rain on the roof and I smile as it reminds me of home. The rain does cool things off which is a nice reprieve from the hot humidity, we even slept without fans on last night for the first time since we have been here in our home because it rained all night. Our roof has had several leaks and with all the rain we have been having, our amazing landlady got some men to spend the day yesterday fixing the roof and today…no more leaks!


I love when it rains! We have a lower cistern for water that pumps water up to our cistern on the roof which then feeds water down into our pipes in our house. Because our home is on the 2nd level, there is not enough water pressure to get water from the ground level up to us. Anyways, when it rains (and when the rain is warm) almost everyone goes out into it: to wash clothes and dishes, to bathe (that’s only the men and children), and to collect water. This has become a thing of great enjoyment for me! I love going out in the rain with my landlady to collect water, we become a team and bucket water into our cistern, her water bins, and our neighbor’s (she just had a baby so can’t come out in the rain with us yet). Phin loves playing in the water so many times she comes out with us and plays in the water with the neighbor girl.

The rain is something wonderful and beautiful, and I look at it now with a deeper layer of understanding. Rain is one way GOD provides for us. There have been weeks without any rain and we have had no water in our cisterns and almost no water left in our buckets. And at just the perfect moment, GOD opens up the heavens and the rain pours down! We run outside and immediately start collecting the precious water. Sometimes it’s enough to fill our cistern, sometimes only enough to fill a couple buckets, and sometimes it is so plentiful that we can fill every water storage container we have.


And one day I was singing to GOD of how thankful I was that He sent the rain for us, and I became aware of how selfish my thinking was. I know He watches over each and every person individually. But in that moment, He reminded me that I am not the only reason He sent the rain. He sent the rain for EVERY person in our town (sometimes the rain on the island is very localized) because He is aware of EVERY person’s need. I was very humbled. And at the same time, that is when I truly began to understand that we are becoming a part of the community here. When it rains, it doesn’t just rain for us. And when it rains, we don’t only collect water for ourselves but we try to make sure our neighbors are getting the water they need as well.

*2 Corinthians 9:8* “And GOD will generously provide all you need. Then you will always have everything you need and plenty left over to share with others.”