An update, prayer points, and a cute child inside :)

An update, prayer points, and a cute child inside :)

I, literally, have been waiting my entire life for this.

I remember sitting in the white auditorium of my elementary school during first grade chapel, dreaming of going overseas. It was a dream that I never forgot about, although it certainly faded for a time… And then after I came back to the Lord 5 years ago, the dream was rekindled.

And God, the one who placed the dream in my heart in the first place, brought us along in His perfect timing (slowly with a LOT of work haha) and now has brought His plans to fruition in our lives.

And SUDDENLY… here we are. Praise Him! I have waited my whole life for this. I was ready. And yet… I am constantly surprised at what a jarring transition it has been for me. My subconscious mind has taken the better part of three months to begin to accept the fact that this is home, and that I am not on vacation and will not be going back for a long time.

It feels so weird. And yet, I can already notice how right I feel, being here. And so, my heart longs to share this beautiful place with everyone. I want all of those friends and family that I love so dearly to see the beauty that I see…. To know His heart for ‘here’.

But how do I go about such a monumental task? I could say names of places and talk about facts and figures, but that’s missing the point. God loves people, and the people are the most beautiful thing about ‘here’.

So, I want to tell you stories. I hope they will catch your heart, for the events which they tell of have already caught mine.


Melissa and I are planning on taking turns writing an update each week. I want to give everyone an idea of what has been going on in our lives these last three months, so I am planning to write a number of stories about our adventures and experiences so far.

What to pray:

  • Please pray for the small and fragmented body of believers here: for bold leadership, and a renewed passion for the Lord.
  • For grace for our family and team as we endure a period of almost constant power outages and water problems. The heat this week has been overpowering, and we have both been exhausted.
  • For grace for language learning! If we want to communicate the Word at a heart level, we must learn the language well. We will begin an intense two-week focus on language on Tuesday, and after that we only have about 3 more months of dedicated time to focus on language learning before I (Jeremy) will begin teaching English.