… waiting …

… waiting …

So, we’re leaving the country this Thursday, the 31st of October. I’m writing this from the back of a van full of my family, on the way to Georgia. I’ll go ahead and paint a quick picture of what the next week or two will look like for us:


Sunday, Oct 27th, 5 am: Packed a van full of Lissa’s parents, my parents, Melissa, Phin and myself (picture sardines in a can, and you’re not far off), and set off for Georgia.

Tuesday, Oct 29th: Arrive in Georgia, after spending a day together in Nashville, TN to rest and relax together.

Wednesday Oct 30th: Meet up with 2 teammates, and finish final details with Alt Link (Visa’s, transportation details, sending off, etc)

Thursday, Oct 31st: Fly out of Atlanta, GA together with teammates

Nov 1st: Arrive in Dubai late at night, and wait for a 6 hour layover.

Nov 2nd: Fly from Dubai to Nairobi where we meet up with the rest of our team, and then after 3 hour layover, fly from Nairobi to our final destination. Spend the night in a hotel.

Nov 3rd: Take the “fast” boat (roughly 4 hours) to Clove Island! Once there, we will be staying in a hotel together with our teammates for a week while we complete orientation.

~Nov 10th: Move into our home, which has been prepared ahead of time by Alt Link and our team leaders. Yay!

Spend the next 6 months adjusting, learning, growing, building relationships, learning to speak the language and understand the culture.


I’m hoping to give you an idea of what things are like right now. So, here are some things that are running through my head this last couple of days:

“Gotta work on the to do list… need to buy a cell phone that works internationally, finish loading software on the laptop, listen to the last of the classes, finish this… finish that…”

“Did we pack enough?”

“Ugh we packed too much. there’s no way they’ll let us on the plane. I am NOT looking forward to lugging this through 4 different airports.”

“I can’t wait to get to the islands. I’m really looking forward to learning a new language and I really hope that I can play soccer every day! I need to lose some serious weight… I am SO out of shape… ugh.”

“I love my family. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have such amazing people in my life. I am going to miss them so bad, but for some reason all I feel right now is impatience for the next step to come and for us to get there. This is definitely one of those times where you won’t know what you’ll be missing until it’s gone. Is it wrong that I don’t miss them yet? Meh. I’m a guy, better to let emotions sort themselves out and not worry about it right now. Enjoy the time that I have for now.” (Yes.. I do have such ridiculous long drawn out conversations with myself, although they are often held at a deeper level where I’m barely aware that they are going on.)

“What an amazing send off we had. So many relationships left behind. I’m going to miss our home fellowship so much. We have been truly blessed, and I know that we are being covered spiritually as we go.”

“I want to make a difference so bad. Father please… Show me? I know that there is so so so much more. I want to see what the father is doing so that I can follow Him.”

“…” (waiting)