Season Change

Season Change

11 days until our arrival on the Islands…9 days until we depart the US…4 days until we leave home to go to Georgia to finish up the check-out process…

WOW…this is really happening! And the time is flying by!

We have 4 days to finish purchasing what we need and packing.

We have 4 days to see our friends and family.

We have 4 days to say goodbye to everything and everybody we know.

We have 4 days until the beginning of a new adventure.

This really is a changing season for us!

My parents live on a gorgeous 30 acre property, their house nestled in trees and walking paths. The birds eating all day long on the bird feeders hanging on the back deck. The apples falling from the trees. Deer season is upon us, and Jeremy has been out several times trying to get that elusive doe before we take off. The dog barking non-stop at all the squirrels scurrying around to get their food stored before freeze comes and hardens the ground.

These last few days, when I have even one moment uninterrupted—by our darling daughter that is unsatisfied with playing and wants a snack, by laundry, by meal prep, or by my own mind’s unceasing running with all the tasks yet to get done—I watch all the activity going on outside. I watch the trees change color from one day to the next. I watch the leaves fall and float in the wind. I watch the birds and the squirrels. I can see the season changing right before my eyes.


I won’t miss the cold that takes over half the year here in the Midwest when we are gone. But I will miss watching the leaves change. Emotionally, I feel like a color changed leaf in the wind. I’m so excited for this new season, this new adventure we are beginning…and yet, I am already starting to miss my family and my friends.

This is a good and amazing time of change and transition. I know it will be difficult, emotional, and different than anything I’ve ever experienced. But we are in the exact season of life that God brought us to…and He is here with us, through all the joy and excitement and pain and loss and wonder that this season change will bring.

“And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Matthew 28:20