We want to be real

We want to be real

We’ve been grinding out our to do list, getting ready to leave next month, and its been difficult prioritizing things…everything on our list is important and needs to get done, and it seems like every time we get something checked off, something else gets added on.

But we have a very new sense of urgency! With the deadline for our financial support to be in very-very-quickly approaching...September 29th – only 25 days from today…my heart is racing faster and faster!

My heart aches to go! And I weep when fear and doubt creep in with their lies!

…I am afraid…


I’m afraid that the financial support won’t come in on time. I’m afraid that we did something wrong along the way. I’m afraid that we won’t get everything done that we need to. I’m afraid we won’t end up leaving next month…

Yet, the Lrd said he did not give us a spirit of fear…, that perfect love cast out all fear…, that he will always be with us!


We started off only knowing we were called to go. Each door we have walked though, we have done so in faith that God is leading our steps. Doors have opened and others have shut. We sold pretty much everything. And all that has brought us to this moment…to this stage of preparation…to this time.

…He is our source of hope…


God can provide. He is able. He will equip those he calls. And that is the hope I am leaning on today…on his faithfulness.

My doubts have no place, in the light of God’s promises. My fears have no substance, when compared to his truths.