Amidst the Turmoil

Amidst the Turmoil

So, I may have mentioned earlier that we sold most of our belongings and moved in with Lissa’s parents. Well, did I also mention that it is positively gorgeous here? The best way that I can describe it is to say that it is a little piece of the foresty and mountainy northwest that I love, planted square in the middle of the rolling corn fields of the midwest. Here’s what I mean:


The serene atmosphere here is a calming force amidst the turmoil that seems to be frequenting my soul these days. At times, I get caught up in the sheer massive scale of the beauty that He has created. When I think on it, it helps my own problems to seem smaller in the grand scheme of things.


So, as I was sitting down to write this update, a phrase crept into my conscious mind from the music running in the background.. “I’m just a product of grace that’s still in the process, and I don’t gotta be great, because my God is.”

And somehow, those words capture perfectly a lesson that I’ve been learning lately.

I grew up viewing those who went overseas to tell others about Him as almost superhuman – incapable of error, holy saints and martyrs. Now that I’m here, I’m learning a different lesson.

I am beginning to realize now the importance of being open with the fact that I have so many vulnerabilities and weaknesses. In this life, I’ll never be perfect, and somehow, that’s okay, because I serve a God who is. 🙂