You Carry Me

You Carry Me

I was looking through an assortment of pictures of Africa the other day, praying, and I came to this one. And it touched my heart. It is an amazing picture! It reminds me of how in our weakness, God is strong…in our imperfections, He is perfect…and in our emptiness, He is our sufficiency!



broken inside

until you came to me

and made me new

filled me

with a hunger for you

now I’ll never be the same

because I have you

and you promised

never to leave me alone

whatever trials may come

you carry me

and give me the strength

to continue forward

you teach me your ways

with patience and grace

and love me

inspite of all my failures

I am thankful for my imperfections

because they remind me

of your perfect love

I will never get my fill of you


It is a good reminder to me, that, regardless of circumstance, I need to always find my joy in Him 🙂