Striving and rest

Striving and rest

Life is so good right now. At times, it is overwhelming.

This last month, my parents did something that I never thought would happen. They uprooted their lives and moved to Omaha. They’ve been staying with us while they are in the process of buying a home, and it has been wonderful to have them.

Phin is bigger than ever. She walks and runs everywhere, and does not even crawl anymore. She is the light of our life, and we love her so much. 🙂

I love working at the mission here in town. I know that God placed me here strategically to learn about telling people about God, and it has been SO AMAZING. I have deep conversations with men almost every day who desperately want to know God better, and it is my privilege to tell them about Him. I love it, and I know that it is preparing me for the work ahead.

Most of all, I love the ministry that we are preparing for. We regularly meet with a man who spent 10 years in Haiti, and he blesses us with the wisdom that he gained from the field. Each and every conversation that we have just oozes life, and it is SO GOOD.


It feels like life is just about perfect…

and yet…

I still find myself striving… chasing after an elusive rest, and peace.

The other day, I felt God whispering to me. The peace and the rest that I strive after is not found in my circumstances, despite how wonderful and amazing they are. It is found in Him, and I can dwell in it. What is left unsaid, of course, is that when the circumstances are different, and we are out on the field, and things are *far* from perfect… I know that His peace and His rest will still be there.

He is a good God.