First term

First term

Sometimes I think that maybe this current season that we are in is God’s ironic revenge on me for all of those times I told my mom I hadn’t called her because I was “busy”. I see now just how wrong I was, and I know now what that word truly means. 🙂

At training last year, we were told that to think of this time of preparation really as our first term in the field. It seems strange to say, but I can honestly say that I feel very much that way. It seems that almost every moment of our lives is spent reading, listening, studying, corresponding, or meeting with people. We stand in stark contrast to our friends and my family. Their hearts are here, but while we are cherishing every moment that we still have with our loved ones, our hearts are set on our destination. On Africa.


Yesterday I had the amazing privilege of speaking at Freedom Worship Center. It was a powerful time, as the team that they had sent to Burkina Faso had returned just that week. We were spoiled with amazing testimonies of His goodness, as well as a powerful message by P. Jeff. Melissa and I are incredibly grateful for such amazing friends, and are looking forward to coming back with stories of our own to tell.


Recently, we have been working with Phin to get her used to the water

In these upcoming weeks, we are preparing to leave for our trip to the west coast. If you are reading this from Colorado, Washington, Oregon, or California, and you want to meet with us in July, send us a note! We would love to take time to meet with anyone that we can. It looks like it will be an incredible trip, although we are not sure how well little Seraphina will do in the car for 3 weeks straight!

We are presently at about 25% of our monthly support target, and at 100% of our one-time target (Praise God!). We are continually blown away by the generous hearts, as you partner with us. Thank you so much.

Please continue to hold us up in prayer! Pray for our safety and for God’s continued provision as we leave on our trip in early July. We appreciate you all so very much.