July Roadtrip…the people were the best part!

July Roadtrip…the people were the best part!

We just returned from our 3 week trip to the west coast! And let me tell you, it was far from a relaxing vacation…over 7,000 miles in a car with a 1-year old…she is such a trooper and blessing to us, yet there came a point when she just did not want to be in her car seat any longer! We were able to meet with 4 different congregations and had meetings with others. Jeremy was able to reconnect with many old friends and family he hasn’t seen for years, as did I, and we all got to meet many new friends 🙂


I can not express how incredibly blessed and encouraged we were by everyone we got to see on this trip! Incredible hospitality, open and welcoming arms awaited us everywhere we stopped, even if our stop only lasted for a couple of hours.

We did get a little free time to take Phin to the beach for the first time, and introduce her to the delicious treat that is fresh fish-you know, you can’t get great salmon or halibut in Omaha, Nebraska, it just isn’t the same after it’s been frozen and shipped to us here in the Midwest-and she loved it, much to our enjoyment. Our little girl also turned 1 year old while we were on the road, but we didn’t celebrate, we promised the grandparents that we would celebrate Phin being a big 1 year old when we got back so they wouldn’t miss out…yes that means she still has not gotten any birthday cake yet…but soon 🙂

We just wanted to say thank you to everyone who was a part of our July adventure! To everyone who opened your homes to us, everyone who fed us delicious food, everyone who took time out of their schedules to meet with us and talk with us—Thank you! Everyone of you is what made our trip so amazing!

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