This week has been incredible, and Melissa and I have felt incredibly blessed on several occasions. Unfortunately, it has also had its moments where I have been deeply frustrated with myself. I actually got to a point today where I was venting to God and asked, “Why am I not hungrier for you!? Why does it seem like I am always fighting my desires for the temporary things of this world?!”

As the day progressed, Melissa and I met with a couple that we have been meeting with regularly for mentorship. The topic of discussion from the book we were reading was God’s glory. Here is an excerpt:

“God’s glory flows in two directions… He shows His glory to people throughout the earth. He reveals who he is and what has done in order to bring about the second direction of glory — that people might give him glory in loving worship. God reveals glory… in order that He might receive glory…”

Although this is not a new idea for me, as the evening continued the Lrd brought it back to my mind. As I thought back on my week, I realized that there were many moments where all I wanted was to spend more time with the Him. I could not help but sing songs of praise. It was only as I shifted my gaze to other things that my hunger and passion for Him began to wane and fade.

It seems like common sense, but it strikes me as deeply profound in application. *We reflect that which we set our gaze upon.* I know that often times I feel like I am going through the desert in my relationship with God. He wants us to look for Him everywhere and to set our sights on Him! When we see the awesome splendor of the Lrd, we can’t help but reflect that glory back to him. I believe that in the times when I want to be hungrier to spend time with the Lrd, all I need to do is to look for Him, and I will catch fire.