These last few months, we have been in full swing working on completing preparations for our trip to Africa. Melissa and I have learned to work better together, dividing up tasks based on our strengths. The days are incredibly full, but there is an immense amount of joy in them. Whether preparing to speak, working on necessary reading, listening to our online training, or sending letters out to new contacts, it is a joy filled work. At times it seems like there is so much to do, though.

The funny thing is that as we have gone deeper into this process, I realize more and more how much of the preparations God has already done in us. We’ve been busily working on our “to do lists” this year, but he has been preparing our hearts from the days we were born.


The man I was five years ago would not recognize me today. I remember for many years feeling as if there was a missing piece of the puzzle. There was no real passion or fire for God, and it often felt like following him was such a chore. Now, I look at the desire of my heart to tell others about the Lrd- how he is absolutely THE WAY, and THE TRUTH – and it astonishes me. I know his goodness because God prepared my heart and brought me to the end of myself, to the place where I finally put him first. Over years and years he brought down the hidden places in my heart that had not been given up, and brought healing to me.

Looking back, it blows my mind…

I see clearly, though, that the work that he has done in me, and continues to do, is the only reason that I am prepared for this next step.

I know it’s cliche, but it reminds me of the saying: “God does not call the qualified, he qualifies the called”. There is a great peace in knowing that someone bigger than myself has already gone to great lengths to prepare me for this.