God is so good.

As we are continuing on this process of preparing to leave for Africa, we continue to see the Lrd’s provision at every step of the way, and we are quickly learning that his blessings are greater than we could have ever expected.

I am extremely happy to announce that although we don’t have the exact figures yet, God has already brought in almost all of the one-time expense goal!! What is more, although we have not received the complete up-to-date report, He has already provided about 17% of the monthly commitments that we need in order to leave in November, and has opened doors for further provision in this area.

Despite the immensity of the financial support that we have seen already, I can honestly say that I have been touched most deeply by the people that we have met, and their willing heart to help us on our journey.

Honestly, it has come as a huge surprise to me that this would be the area that I have been touched most deeply by. There have been so many people who have been willing to meet with us, mentor us, teach us, introduce us to others, encourage us, and most importantly who have truly displayed a concern and love for us. I have been incredibly humbled by it, and encouraged beyond my ability to describe it.

God is so good. Thank you all for being part of what God is doing. It means more than you know.