The “S” Word.

The “S” Word.

Support. What does it mean to be supported? For a long time I felt like it was a word that people used because they didn’t want to say that they were asking for money. — Not that there was anything wrong with that, of course — it’s just not for me, you know. If I was ever going to go overseas (you know, like God had called me to do), I was going to work and not have to worry about asking people for money. Seemed like the responsible thing to do, you know.

…My, my, how the tables have turned. God definitely has a sense of humor. This is not the first time that God has turned my own foolishness on its head and used it to show me his majesty…


There are many things that I felt I ‘understood’ when we embarked on this endeavor. Unfortunately, the closer we come to actually leaving all of our friends and family and going to a foreign country where we do not know anyone, the more that I am realizing the true level of sacrifice that we have committed to. It is honestly incredibly intimidating at times. I know that God is good, and he will provide and sustain us, but I am also truly beginning to recognize the need for support.

I was talking to my mentor last week about how to talk to people, and he said something that really caused me to stop and think:

“People will send their love and wish you well, but the ones who are willing to support you will do so because they believe in you.”

Of course, initially what he said brought up all sorts of self-doubt in me. I mean, who am I that people would believe in me? I am beginning to realize that there is great relief to be found in the thought, though… When we first let people know our intentions to answer this call that God has placed on our lives, I was surprised to see so many folks come out of the woodwork, telling us that they wanted to support us. It has brought me so much comfort in knowing that there are people who believe in us!!

I know that as we leave all that we know and love, we will be taking with us the secure covering of knowing that there are many AMAZING PEOPLE who believe in us, and who are part of what we are doing… and somehow, my looming apprehensions about leaving seem far more bearable.

If you would like to support us, you can do so here. Just follow the step by step instructions.