All about us :)

All about us :)

Jeremy and I, met in 2009 in Nebraska. We had came from different places, him from the Northwest coast, and me from small town South Dakota. We both had different stories that led us to Omaha in 2009.

I’m a country girl. I like steak and potatoes, my food bland, my music country, and a good adventure book. I grew up in the country and spent my summers at the lake. I wear my flip flops and a hoodie in the winter, holes in my jeans, tank tops, and I definitely prefer the summer months. I have a big family, we love spending time together, playing cards, and sitting by the fire. God, my husband and my child are the most important things in my life.

Jeremy is a Northwest boy. He loves the big cities, especially Seattle. Partly cloudy, 70 degree weather is his favorite, making fall his time of year. He loves fishing and hunting, but not bobber fishing and not tree-stand hunting. Video games or a good book are his relaxation. Podcasts, audiobooks, and heavy metal are his driving tunes.

Yet we had 2 things in common right from the start:

1) We love Jesus

2) We knew we were not going to chase the typical “American Dream” lifestyle, but rather a life of serving others outside our home country

I had recently returned home from a 9 month leadership program in Colorado, with a heart for Africa, and a yearning to go there. Jeremy, had received his last orders from the Air Force stationing him in Nebraska, and had known since childhood that he had a calling on his life to serve others overseas. This quickly became a common topic of discussion between us as we developed a close friendship over the next year. In 2010 we were engaged, and in March 2011 we were married! I knew that I had found the leader and partner that I wanted to share this lifelong adventure we were about to find ourselves in.

We strive to keep God the center of our lives and our relationship, we love each other, and we love our daughter. We enjoy playing catan, and munchkins with our friends. Long walks and stargazing were our courtship favorites, and our “honeymoon” phase is still going strong.

Shortly after we were married, and were discussing what our future looked like, God, in His perfect timing, brought us to an organization that would help facilitate our desire to love and serve a people outside of our home and comfort zone. Where He is taking us, is Africa!

Now, as we prepare to leave the US in 2013, we are are not only checking items off of a to-do list, but we are also preparing our hearts for many difficult things…

  • To leave our family and friends for long lengths of time
  • To leave the only home and culture we know
  • To leave our safety and comfort
  • To take our family from the known to the unknown

And for many wonderful things:

  • To build new relationships and make new friendships
  • To gain a new culture
  • To raise our children with a multicultural worldview and appreciation

We know there will be struggles, and hardships, and wonder, and adventure! We know that we are following where God is leading us. And we are so excited for this opportunity to share this life-long adventure with our children, our family, and all of our you!