walking with the Light 

walking with the Light 

though i walk in the shadows

your Light shines out-all around me

showing me the next step

keeping the terror

and the fear 

at bay

but i can see it there

twisting and writhing 

in a huddled mess

just beyond the glow


to sweep in and overtake me


for me to look over my shoulder in doubt

leaving a wide open path to my heart


"Keep Moving Forward"

your soft voice whispers

"Trust Me. I've Got You"


oh the sweet sweet sound

your assurances liven my faltering steps

confident once again

the Light seems more radiant than a moment ago

casting a stronger glow around me

farther out into the shadows than before


but wait

what's over there

the Light illuminates a group of people



overcome by the darkness

"Go To Them...

I Love Them Too

Bring The Light To Them"

so i turn

smiling i walk on

and see the Light stretching out to meet them


to encompass the lost as quickly as it can

as i approach...they balk

and shield their eyes

they don't know the Light

the hope it carries within it


and with misgivings 

some reach out...

some shy away...

'don't be afraid'

i tell them

'the Light is your salvation from the dark

freedom from the fear that fills you

hope for the future



some stand to walk with me

others need a hand to hold

having cowered so long they feel stuck

i offer mine

remembering how someone had once offered me theirs

when i was lost in the dark

we set off

a new path to walk 


a new road

lit by the Light surrounding us

i watch the Light bathe those now with me

and the shadows fall off and seep out of them

like dirty water displaced by the new

faces begin to change

to Light up

to smile

their eyes open wide in wonder

full of love

for the Light


our Light now shines in greater measure

spreading farther beyond ourselves

i glance over t those who chose to stay behind

faces pinched

eyes squinting in fear

some are following

not yet daring to enter the Light's radiance

staying just outside the edge of the glow


and following

hope barely alive in their almost dead eyes

and i see a part of our glowing tribe stop

and walk back to them

the Light not extinguishing

but strengthening

our Light is leading her down her own new path

i smile

and we keep moving forward

i know

others will break off

as the Light leads them on their own to trails

but for me

i will continue on this road

following the Light

no matter the turns it takes

because i love the Light

the Light called to me

found me in the darkness

and because the Light loved me first