jandm + 3 littles
jandm + 3 littles
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[by Jeremy] Melissa is an incredibly wonderful and amazing woman with a massive heart. She loves everyone, has a tremendous heart of service. A loving, giving, and caring momma, excellent cook, and my best friend. Be careful if you play any games with her, though. Her beautifully sweet smile belies her ferociously competitive and intelligent nature.

[by Melissa]  Jeremy is…wild. He won’t fit into your boxes, and that’s the way he likes it. He thinks deeply, loves deeply, empathizes deeply, and is deeply loyal to his convictions. He constantly seeks the heart and desires of God, while daily desiring and striving to become more like Him. Honest, he will always tell you what is on his heart, wanting to connect with everyone at a deep, personal level (in his mind, there should be no shallow end in the pool of relationships)…Trustworthy, he will challenge you to become the best God wants for you to be. Jeremy is: an amazing husband, my best friend, the most wonderful father, loyal friend, and raw-genuine seeker of God’s heart.

We are followers of Jesus sharing the Good News and our lives with the unreached